Essential Oils – Everything You Need To Know About Getting Your Zen On With Aromatherapy

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Ok, you’ve heard of essentials oils – but what exactly are they and how can you use them to get your aromatherapy on? ELLE turned to the pros to find out…

We’ve all heard of essential oils, but their reputation as the kooky aunt’s aromatherapy obsession has tarnished their status in the wellness world. Until now.

More than just a collection of small bottles that smell nice, essential oils are the key to a multitude of alternative therapies. From soothing lavender to mood boosting peppermint and everything in between, the right blend of essential oils can change your outlook entirely.

But what do you do with them? And is it safe to smother our limbs with them? We spoke to the pros to find out everything you need to know about incorporating essential oils into your everyday wellness routine…

What are essential oils?

First things first, what exactly are essential oils? Between cleansing oils, cooking oils, bath oils and a whole host of other oils, where do essential oils sit?

‘Essential oils are powerful plant extracts/ botanicals distilled from plant specimens we source from around the world that are hidden in roots, seeds, flowers and bark,’ explains founder of modern apothecary brand Anatomè, Brendan Murdock.

‘They are concentrated, highly potent compounds that give a plant its scent, protect it from hazardous environmental conditions, and even assist it with pollination, among other important functions and benefits.’

What are the benefits of essential oils?

It follows that the protective properties essential oils bestow upon plants, also, to an extent, work for us. ‘Each plant extract has a number of benefits, they can be soothing, anti microbial, ant bacterial, cleansing, soothing, relaxing, supporting the body to sleep, awaken, be more invigorated.. And they work by absorption into the skin or, secondly, engaged through the respiratory system,’ says Murdock.

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